RESISTANCE is an exhibition that uses the current advertising strategies. Taking advantage of urban structures to generate a more direct contact with the population. A work that operates in the territories of reality, which merges with it and stands in contradiction through the artistic intention.

A. Escudero

.. Art is one of the few timeless places of our society, but every day is eroded gradually this idea, with the disposable widespread greed. Escudero protesters belonging to those artists who refuse to take this awareness, in which the immediacy of the response to the stimulus precedence over all other nuances that shape it, where art is equated to the value of apparent satiation of a hamburger, or the applause is prefixed to the beat of a mine. That roadblock is the built Alfonso, to place on top of it the word Resistance ...

Ricardo Escavy Marsilla

Carrefour Octopus, décollage 100x80
Artist Life, décollage 100x80
LIVE!, décollage 100x80
Sir,You, décollage 100x80
SEMiótic, décollage 100x80
Again, décollage 100x80
BO, décollage 100x80
White Bullets, décollage 100x80
Friday, push and fall, décollage 100x80
100XL, décollage 100x80